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Social Security

At Aspire Financial Partners we help our clients make informed decisions about their Social Security Retirement Benefit options. We share actionable information with our clients such as:

  • How to take advantage of the 8% delayed retirement credits that could increase your retirement benefit by as much as 32% at age 70 for individuals born between 1943 – 1954
  • Never worked? You may still qualify under your spouse’s record and get up to 50% of your spouse’s benefit.
  • If married for at least 10 years, divorced spouses may be entitled to benefits based on an ex-spouse’s earnings record
  • If you can afford to wait and are healthy you likely should wait to file for your Social Security Retirement Benefit

Optimizing your Social Security benefits to fit your needs may significantly improve your monthly retirement income.  Please take advantage of a complementary analysis today by calling 954-900-4330 or email to

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