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Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Life Insurance

As independent advisors, we have access to many competing life insurance companies, giving you the most competitive options on features and pricing.

You have interests to cover; 

  • your family
  • your business
  • your estate

Life insurance can help you manage those interests against the risk of loss.

There are two types of life insurance; term and permanent.

Term life insurance is the simplest and least expensive.  It's generally used to least expensively buy a death benefit of a certain amount for a certain amount of time.  A premium pays for the coverage.  There are, generally, no other moving parts.  Term insurance is akin to renting an apartment:  as long as you pay the rent (the premium) you have a roof over your head (the coverage).

You can compare the premium at multiple life insurance companies for the same coverage here.  It's a free quote, it's easy, and it takes only  a few minutes.

Life insurance is less expensive than you think.  What IS expensive is not having it when you need it.  And remember, your life insurance is not for you.  It's for your family or to manage whatever business risk you face.

Need help?  Just ask.  We're happy to assist.

Permanent Life Insurance

Permanent types of life insurance are intended to provide a death benefit for the entirety of someone's life.  That's why they are more expensive than term insurance--because they are designed to pay a death benefit at some point.

(Most term insurance is not designed to pay out.  It usually expires many years before the person dies but covered them during the term period.  That's why it is much less expensive than permanent-type insurance.)

There are many strategies which can be designed into a life insurance policy.  To help ensure a permanent life insurance policy is designed to fit your needs, we'll need to discuss your needs in more detail.  We'll then shop for the life insurance company, product at that company, features we're looking for that fit your needs, and design the policy so it fits your unique needs.

That requires a bigger commitment from you so it requires a more thorough design process from us.  Please schedule a consultation if you'd like to discuss if a permanent life insurance policy.  We'll help clarify the financial problem we're trying to solve and, if a permanent life insurance policy is a fit, we'll explain how we can design one to fit your needs.