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Disability Insurance

You may hear more

about life insurance than disability insurance

but you are much more likely

to become disabled (not able to work)

 than dying during your working years.

Much more likely.

Can't work = No income

How long could you pay your bills without income?

That could send you and your family's entire life into financial ruin.

Because you could not pay your bills.

But there is a solution:  disability income insurance.

It's insurance for your paycheck.

If you cannot earn income due to a illness or injury,

disability insurance pays you a benefit

to replace part of your income.

Understand/Analyze Your Needs

Understand/Analyze Your Needs

It starts and ends with you.

Our conversation is about learning what you do, why you do it, and what your needs may be.

As we gather information from you we will explain why that information is important to our analysis.  The more you understand the more we can clarify the best fitting solution.

We'll come prepared with questions to ask and will keep this information confidential among you, us, and prospective insurance companies to which we may apply for coverage.

Design a Strategy that Fits

Design a Strategy that Fits

Using the information we clarified with you about your needs, we'll design a strategy that optimizes your premium to provide the amount of coverage you need when you may need it.  The goal is to design a policy that provides coverage to maintain your standard of living and protect your interests while you cannot earn an income.

Our carefully designed strategy will be reconciled with the most updated, available coverage options.

Shop Competing Insurance Carriers

Shop Competing Insurance Carriers

There are many different reasons people buy disability coverage and there are different ways to buy coverage.

Different insurance companies offer different types of coverage, using different language, and price each differently.  It's important to understand the distinction between commonly used--but different meaning--words because it may affect how a benefit is paid.

As an independent agency, we have access to many competing carriers.  This helps to ensure we can shop for the coverage that fits your needs.

Present | Implement | Update

Present | Implement | Update

After choosing an insurance carrier, applying for coverage, and being offered that coverage we will present the offered coverage to you. 

We will review your needs and how the coverage accomplishes those needs.

If satisfied, you sign and pay to bind the coverage.

We will service your needs as long as you have the policy.

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