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Aspire-BSO Local 4321 Collaboration

Local 4321 is collaborating with Aspire Financial Partners (Chris Eilers, President, and his team) to provide you with the life insurance coverage you may need.

We help you determine how much coverage you may need, how long you may need it, which features you may or may not want to include with your policy, and we ask other questions to help determine the best fit for your unique needs.  We'll answer any questions you may have during this process.

Private consultations with Aspire Financial Partners is available at no cost, with no obligation, in-person | by phone | by videoconference, at a time and date of your convenience.  Many of you have already met Chris Eilers and Bryan Alfonso of Aspire at our Local meetings.

Aspire Financial Partners is independent and is affiliated with one of the largest financial networks in the US.  We only sell reputable, vetted financial products and have ann open platform of competing companies from which to choose.  As independent financial professionals, we have no sales quotas or bias.  Your needs drive the product selection.  Life insurance commissions are state regulated, meaning regardless of whether you purchase a life insurance policy on your own or through a financial professional you will pay the same amount so you might as well get the professional assistance to which you are entitled to help ensure this important purchase is made thoughtfully, taking advantage of the knowledge and experience of a financial professional 

Using the quote button below, you can . . .
• Choose the coverage amount and number of years you’d like coverage
• View quotes from competing life insurance companies
• Submit a request for an application from the company you choose

Our collaboration with Aspire includes a commitment by to donate 10% of the gross paid commissions from all life insurance sales attributable to Local 4321, including verifiable referrals, through this collaboration at the end of each year to the Broward Firefighters Benevolent Fund.

Be "always ready (and financially prepared)."

Why Explore Life Insurance Coverage?

You may have a mortgage, a family, perhaps even your own business.  You have interests.  Life insurance helps to provide the financial security to cover those interests.

Term life insurance provides an inexpensive way to help cover your interests for a certain period of time (term).

How much coverage do you need?  That depends on your unique circumstances.  Life insurance replaces your income to cover monthly expenses, pay off a mortgage or other debt, fund a child's education, pay for retirement, and can have many other uses.

If your family would not be able to pay its expenses if you were gone, that's a strong indication you need life insurance.

To get a customized analysis to help you feel comfortable your coverage can cover your stated needs, contact us.   We're happy to provide that assistance to you free of charge. 

Want to talk about more than life insurance?  It's easy.

Getting financial advice has never been easier and more convenient.

We can jump on a videoconference at a day/time you choose.  We're an independent, full-service financial advisory firm so we can help with many topics, such as your pension options, DROP strategies, 457 plan, FRS investment plan, etc. 

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